Re-use your empty bread bags!

We all know it. The last slice in a Happy Campers loaf. The moment you decide that, *someone’s* got to enjoy this deliciously healthy piece of bread, it might as well be me! And so, you eat it. And your belly receives the good news! But the bad news is, now you have an empty bag! And you can’t eat that.

While we love our bread bags, we’d hate to see them get rushed to a landfill after being used only once! We, of all people, absolutely love our planet and its health, and are committed to aiding its wellness as much as we can. But we need your help! Now, we understand some of you get pretty hungry and go through lots of our loaves. (We don’t blame you!) So—after you’ve enjoyed every last crumb of your next Happy Campers loaf—please make sure to recycle or upcycle your used bread bags! Put them to a good use by creatively using them again!

All our bags are 100% BPA-free. (Recycle #4)

Where should I start?