The Plant Café + Happy Campers = 100% Organic Sandwiches!


Hey, Happy Campers! We have some exciting news for you! ?
You know that feeling when you walk into a café, hungry for an awesome sandwich, and think, “Gosh, I choose Organic groceries — why should my café lunch be different? I wish this sandwich were completely Organic, too!”
Welllll…we’re delighted to say […]

The Plant Café + Happy Campers = 100% Organic Sandwiches!2019-07-09T11:34:37-07:00

Happy Campers Holiday Stuffing Recipe!


Well, it’s that time of year again! Whether you stuff your turkey, or you stuff yourself, we hope these recipes should put a smile on your face and in your belly! Wherever you are, we wish you the happiest (and tastiest) of […]

Happy Campers Holiday Stuffing Recipe!2015-11-18T01:25:14-07:00

5 Awesomely Healthy Halloween Treats – Gluten-Free Edition!


Sometimes we get scared. Actually, it happens every year. Each time Halloween sneaks up on us, we’re terrified of one place: The Candy Aisle! Now, we don’t get us wrong. We have a sweet tooth just like most of you. (Okay, okay, maybe we have more than just one.) We […]

5 Awesomely Healthy Halloween Treats – Gluten-Free Edition!2013-10-29T10:50:26-07:00

Recipe: Boeuf Bourguignon à la Gluten-Free


Happy Campers: greetings from Paris, France!  While I do have to say that the gluten-free bread here is completely lacking compared to that of Happy Camper’s, la vie est belle, as they say, in this city of lights.  Or rain.  It’s been […]

Recipe: Boeuf Bourguignon à la Gluten-Free2013-05-28T13:04:52-07:00

A Tasty Easter for Everyone!

Whether or not you celebrate the Easter holiday, coloring Easter eggs is fun! But eating them? Even better, if you know a tasty enough recipe!


But if dying eggs—and probably your fingers, let’s be honest here—isn’t your thing, consider having fun get creative in the kitchen with the […]

A Tasty Easter for Everyone!2013-03-31T10:30:58-07:00

10 Gluten-Free Recipes: 10-Minute Edition!


It’s that time of the week. Sunday. You get out of bed and think how restful and rejuvenating the weekend can be. You smile—because, why not? But sooner or later, you begin to dread Monday creeping ever closer, because you don’t want to have to spend hours thinking up and […]

10 Gluten-Free Recipes: 10-Minute Edition!2013-02-24T18:37:08-07:00

Having Happy Holidays with food allergies


This is a guest post by Erica von Trapp, a chef in Portland, Oregon. Erica blogs at She plans to release an allergy friendly cookbook later this year.
The ideal articulation of holidays can be narrowed down as such: […]

Having Happy Holidays with food allergies2012-11-19T12:00:58-07:00