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Sometimes, the greatest feeling in the world is to see a smile spread over the face of a child. We feel that happiness can be just as nourishing as the food we eat. It’s not just something we love to say—it’s something we truly believe.
Recently we were introduced to the Royal Family Kids camps here in Portland. Every Summer they hold a camp for foster kids from Multnomah County, and their purpose is to provide all the children a safe space to just ‘be kids’ and have a truly happy, positive experience. They are staffed solely by volunteers who wonderfully and generously give their time and energy. So, when we heard about this local camp whose primary purpose was cultivating happiness and wellness—we wanted to show all our support to those happy little campers who might benefit from our gluten-free goodness!
royal family kids with happy campers
It really is the little things that make what we do worth it. 😀

Spring is Here!

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Winter is the time to sleep – plants, bears, hiking boots, mountain bikes, climbing gear… all rest to be back in full strength when the ground warms up.   For people, however, there is no reason to not head out and play in the arctic.  On the other hand, there are some good reasons to stay inside, such as baking and improving gluten free bread for our hungry happy campers all over the Northwest. Or developing the Wild Buns, so they’re ready for your soon-to-come backyard and backcountry bbqs.  This winter here at the Happy Campers baking camp has been nearly exclusively dedicated to those efforts.  We did, however, sneaked away to play outside a couple of times and made the most of it.

Eating the ski lunch!

The snow has been exceptional this year and the slopes up at Mount Hood as fun as ever.  Our newly discovered favorite skiing lunch is Classy Grains with home-made sprouted bean dip toped with mustard.  This nutrition packed delight will fuel you for the tightest turns in the deepest powder and/or the fastest descents off the steepest slopes. It is strongly recommended that you eat this on the slopes; find a quiet hide-away, sit on your gloves and enjoy the views and crisp air during your break.

Sunny winter day at Beacon Rock

When the forecast shows a possibility of a sunny day during the winter months, it’s always a good idea to head to the George or to the coast so you can enjoy some good-weather activities.  Our favorite place this winter has been Beacon rock.  You can camp, mountain bike, climb and do some stunning scenery-hikes, all in one place!
We do admit that winter can seem just a bit too long sometimes here in the Willamette Valley, especially when the sun-free, rain-full weeks of February and March roll along.  That’s when you start looking at those sleeping plants, bears, hiking boots, mountain bikes, climbing gear…, wanting to wake them up and go have fun with them.  Luckily, we have our kitchen and we can always throw aprons on and go play with bread recipe ideas.  We have some new ideas baking up and are excited to share them with you soon.

Lacy drilling it down this bunny hill

Now, we are ecstatically awaiting the arrival of the farmers’ market season.  It’ll sure be busy, but being outside and among our lovely customers is just so much fun.  It’s about time we go find some good tents for our market setups.  Enjoy the spring and check back when you have a minute, a new blog update may be up! 🙂
Jan and Lacy, your Happy Campers bakers

Happy Camping!

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Hi you all soon-to-be happy campers!  In this blog section, we’ll post stories about our adventures so you can get to know us better – trips, fun baking stories… anything that goes on in our lives and we feel is worth sharing.  We invite you to do the same on our facebook – photos, stories, comments, suggestions, we want to hear from you!
So to dive in this first intro blog: where did these kids – Lacy and Jan – come from?  And how come they like baking gluten free bread so much?  And why do I feel like I’m out for a stroll in the woods when I browse through this website?  You may wonder all these things.

Czech Republic – Lacy and I visiting Cesky Krumlov

Lacy and I met as undergrads at Willamette University in Salem, OR.  Lacy comes from the small town of Sandpoint, Idaho and I came here as an exchange student from the Czech Republic. We were both diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance in 2009.  Craving wholesome, nutritious and, fresh bread, we started experimenting with recipes.  Lacy comes from a family of serious bakers, so our undertaking turned into a whole-family endeavor as Lacy’s dad joined in the effort to come up with a gluten-free bread worthy of that tradition.  We started our bakery as a school project while attending the Willamette business school and in the fall of 2010, we sold our first bread at the Salem farmer’s market.  From then on, we’ve been living the dream of passionate bakers and small business owners.  And, of course, we got an A in our class project!

Sandpoint, Idaho – Lacy’s parents and I skiing

We both grew up in small towns surrounded by nature.  Ever since being little kids, we hiked, camped, swam in lakes, skied, and played out in the woods all the time.  Lacy had about a dozen pet animals and competed in horse competitions and rowing.  I raced bikes and scaled mountain peaks.  Recently, we’ve fallen for rock climbing and trail running.  Being active in nature is what recharges us and keeps us healthy.  We couldn’t separate work from play so we kind of blended them both together.
As fun stuff happens, we’ll be sure to give you an update here.  Thanks for checking in!