Introducing Dr. Erica Zelfand

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Erica Zelfand, ND, is joining the Happy Campers Healthy Quest just in time to share great tips for the holiday season (and any time of year!). We’ll be sharing her tips online, so stay tuned to our Facebook page, blog and Health page!
Dr. Z is a naturopathic physician, family doctor, writer, teacher and a big time foodie. She is currently based in Portland, Oregon, where she sees patients at the National College of Natural Medicine clinic.
She believes that education and empowerment are the key foundations to a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys writing articles and teaching online health workshops on healthy eating. She loves sharing her knowledge about how to live healthy AND eat awesome food.
When she isn’t playing doctor, she enjoys traveling around the world and learning about different cultures and cuisines.
You can visit her online here. And check out her online healthy eating workshops at

What I’ve learned as a Gluten-Free Athlete

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This post is a guest post by Becky Leung. Becky blogs about being a gluten-free athlete at
My name is Becky Leung, and I’m a gluten-free distance runner. I started running five years ago when I began training for my first half marathon. Since then, I’ve run 11 half marathons. I’ve been gluten-free for about 18 months after years of stomachaches, headaches, nausea and feeling weak.
After I went gluten-free, I improved my half marathon time by 50 minutes and marathon time by a little more than 60 minutes. Not to mention I lost more than 28 pounds and have more energy than ever!
I met the owners of Happy Campers at my naturopath’s open house, and I fell in love with their bread. I incorporate Happy Campers bread products in my training, eating it before my runs and as snacks post-run.
Tip One: Find gluten free alternatives to eat before training.
Before going gluten-free, I would eat whole-wheat toast or oatmeal before my runs. I now stick to three snack options that I know I can easily prepare: Happy Campers bread, sweet potatoes or a gluten-free energy bar. I stock up on these foods ahead of time each week so I always have a go-to meal.
Tip Two: Eat frugally while living gluten free.
I tend to be a frugal person, and grocery budgets are top of mind for me. After going gluten-free, I had to get gluten-free versions of all my favorite foods. I also started to eat more meat, vegetables and fruit. I noticed my grocery bill increased by 20 percent. After working with a naturopath, I began eating less processed foods, which helped me get my grocery budget under control. I also buy gluten-free grains and nuts in bulk. I love getting fresh veggies or Happy Campers bread at the local farmers market!
Tip Three: Keep learning.
My biggest suggestion is to continually learn about gluten-free options, and eat food that is naturally gluten-free. I love reading blogs that have gluten-free tips and recipes to try. I especially love reading about gluten-free options for athletes so I can improve my performance.
Although going gluten-free can be challenging, it is a fun journey and truly the best decision I have ever made for my health!

Tips for Your Family + Friends

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Dr. Candida Ferraiolo, N.D. at Vital Health Clinic, is one of our Guides on the Happy Campers Healthy Quest. Check out this video to hear some of her tips for how friends and family can support those who live gluten-free!

*Respect the rules around gluten-free living.
For example, use separate toasters for gluten-free and gluten-containing foods, and keep gluten free foods separate.
*Enjoy your friend or family member’s food with him or her. 
It’s really nice to enjoy food together.
*It’s food! We’re still eating grains, just gluten-free ones. 

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