Happy Campers Returns: PSU Farmers’ Market 2015!

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Happy Campers Gluten Free @ PSU Farmers' Market 2015
Well, happy campers, it seems Spring is just too excited to wait until March 21st! (Winter, we hardly knew ye!) And, of course that can mean only one thing (well, plenty of awesome things, actually)—it’s time for us to return again to the PSU Farmers’ Market, woohoo!
With such superbly beautiful weather, we know you’ll probably want to get outside and enjoy all that wonderfully warm sunshine and those cool springtime breezes! Cycling across Portland bridges, running through parks, climbing rocks, and picnicking with your family and friends….
But if you make your way downtown on a Saturday, come and enjoy the Farmers’ Market fun at PSU every Saturday and pick up a deliciously fresh loaf of gluten-free bread!
Even if you’re all stocked up, look for our orange tent and come by to say “hi!” We’d love to see you. Tell us a joke! Mingle with all the other curious, hungry people! Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunlight! Nibble on some tasty samples!
If there’s one thing we’re certain about, it’s that 2015 is going to be awesome. And delicious. We hope to see you! Happy weekend! 🙂

Farmers' Market Schedule (Late 2014)

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Happy Campers Gluten-Free Farmers Market
Wow, we can’t believe Summer’s already winding down! We’re still enjoying grilling delicious burgers on the weekend and basking in the hot days when the sun’s feeling extra generous…but we can’t deny the first breezes of Fall are sweeping through the neighborhood!
Of course, that means we’ll start to be at fewer Farmers’ Markets soon! We love to see you at our orange tents, so if you’re in the area, come by and pick up your fresh, gluten-free loaves and buns! But if we’re not at your favorite market — you can check out our awesome store-finder based on your location and make sure to get your Happy Campers fix there!
Here’s our Farmers’ Market schedule for the rest of 2014:

  • Beaverton Market (Saturdays) — Done for now; we’ll be back next year!
  • Vancouver Market (Saturdays) — Through September 27th
  • Milwaukie Market (Sundays) — Through September 27th
  • PSU Market (Saturdays) — Through December 20th

We hope to see you there! 😀

Happy Campers at the PSU Farmers' Market!

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Happy Campers @ PSU Farmers' Market
Woohoo, Happy Campers—it’s that time of year again! The birds are singing, our breads are baking, and the sun is out to play! Come and enjoy the Farmers’ Market fun at PSU (in the South Park Blocks between SW Hall & SW Montgomery) every Saturday and pick up your fresh, gluten-free loaf of bread and buns! Even if you’re all stocked up, look for our orange tent and come by to say “hi!” We’d love to see you. Mingle with all the curious, hungry, and fun people! Enjoy the fresh air and sun! Nibble on some tasty samples!
It’s going to be awesome. And delicious. We hope to see you there! Happy weekend! 🙂

Happy Campers, Coming to a Store Near You!

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Hello, Happy Campers!
Summer has finally turned into Fall, which means it’s time to…run through colorful leaves…go apple-picking…drink hot, spiced cider…and make tomato soup and Happy Campers grilled-cheese sandwiches! Thanks to all of you, we’ve had a great 2013 so far. You enjoyed our bread, so we made more. But then you ate it all up, and ever since then, we’ve been baking our buns off! And we’ve learned a few things:

  • So many of you love to love our bread, and want to be able to get it wherever you might be.
  • If all your great store-suggestions are any indication, we need to get it to more of you!
  • You are all immensely wonderful people who care about healthiness and happiness.
  • Fresh, hot toast is fresh hot magical easy to make disappear, deliciously.

Happy Campers @ PSU Farmers' MarketWe’ve been overjoyed to hear all the kind words form all of you, whether it’s been in person at the Farmers’ Market, here online, or even by word of mouth. It’s been a good year for gluten-free friends in Portland, Oregon. But what about to those of you hungry, non-gluten folks in other states?—Idaho, Maryland, Hawaii, Washington, New York, Texas, Utah…. We know you want our bread, too!
So. We’re excited to announce that, thanks to you, we’re continuing to expand a little further! It’ll be only a few stores at a time—baby steps!—but we’re always working on getting into more places. Due to popular regional demand by you, here’s our list of upcoming stores that will soon have Happy Campers bread!
Sundance Natural Foods
Eugene, OR → starting 10/4
Main Market Co-Op
Spokane, WA → starting 10/4
Green Zebra Grocery
Portland, OR → starting 10/8
Olympia Co-Op
Olympia, WA → starting 10/11
Winter Ridge
Sandpoint, ID → starting 10/11
Sno-Isle Foods Co-Op
Everett, WA → starting beginning of November
And here are a few other stores that we’re currently working on.  We’re hoping to have some yummy loaves there for you available soon – feel free to let them know you want them. ;-P
Tacoma Food Co-Op (Tacoma)
Central Co-Op (Seattle)
Capella Market (Eugene)
Community Food Co-Op (Bellingham)
First Alternative Natural Foods Co-Op (Corvallis)
Ashland Coop (Ashland)
If you shop at any of the new stores that we are starting at, go grab your fresh loaves when they arrive! Show them that you want our bread! We appreciate all of your wonderful suggestions about where to deliver next, as well as your in-store comment cards. They definitely work, so if Happy Campers isn’t to be found on your favorite store’s shelf, kindly ask them to get it! It’s the number one way for them to get our bread soonest. And let us know here or on Facebook where we should deliver our bread next! We hope for you to see Happy Campers on shelves everywhere, soon.
In the meantime, eat a slice. Heck, eat four! Sandwiches, toast, dip-strips, we’re happy with whatever makes you happy. If you feel good about it, spread the word about us to your gluten-free friends, and then feel good about feeling good! (Notice a trend here? 🙂 ) If they enjoy our bread as much as you do, then we all get to have more smiles. We’re making as much bread as we currently can and will continue to do so if you keep snatching it off the shelves!
Until then, make sure to come to the PSU Farmers’ Market every Saturday and get your fresh loaves straight from us, or order online and get your Happy Campers fix in whichever State you find yourself hungry!
This, of course, is just the beginning of a great many things to come…we’ve got some good stuff up our sleeves (er, in our ovens?). We couldn’t be more excited to share it with you soon! So, stay posted for more Happy Campers news, keep a smile on your face, and good and healthy food in your belly!