Announcing NEW BREAD: Hemp Hemp Hooray!


Hello, Happy Campers! We couldn’t be more delighted to announce that our bakery has a new family member! Say hello to our brand new loaf:
”Hemp Hemp Hooray!”
hemp loaf announcement
Upon taking our first mouthwatering bite, we were so excited about how tasty […]

Announcing NEW BREAD: Hemp Hemp Hooray!2020-05-21T01:34:34-07:00

Hello, Hungry Holiday Rolls!


Hello, there, Happy Campers!
The beautiful winter holidays are just around the corner! We’ll keep on baking for you, and you’ll be able to find all your favorite products in your favorite stores and online, as usual.
hungry holiday rolls
Along with our […]

Hello, Hungry Holiday Rolls!2020-05-21T01:31:31-07:00

Say ‘Hello’ to Our Brand New Bread Bags!


happy campers new bags all
Hello there, happy campers!
Big announcement today — some of you getting your fresh loaves on shelves this morning will notice a little something different…okay, it’s not so little! Our breads have a whole new look. Say ‘hello’ to […]

Say ‘Hello’ to Our Brand New Bread Bags!2020-05-21T01:30:06-07:00

Stompin’ Good Seedy Buckwheat Molasses Bread


Oh, Party Hearty! You had a good run. Your rich and tasty buckwheat made us feel like we could ride a moose bareback! Your delicious variety of nutrient-packed seeds fueled us to victory on the tops of mountains! And your flavorful blackstrap molasses made us smile and want to just […]

Stompin’ Good Seedy Buckwheat Molasses Bread2020-05-21T00:45:19-07:00

"Happy Campers Live Here"


Last year we were introduced to the Royal Family Kids camps here in Portland. Every Summer they hold a camp for foster kids from Multnomah County, and their purpose is to provide all the children a safe space to just ‘be kids’ and have a truly happy, positive experience. They […]

"Happy Campers Live Here"2020-05-21T00:33:22-07:00
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