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The Plant Café + Happy Campers = 100% Organic Sandwiches!

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Hey, Happy Campers! We have some exciting news for you! 😃
You know that feeling when you walk into a café, hungry for an awesome sandwich, and think, “Gosh, I choose Organic groceries — why should my café lunch be different? I wish this sandwich were completely Organic, too!”
Welllll…we’re delighted to say your wish is now reality! Whoa, really? (Yes, really!) You can now enjoy 100% Organic sandwiches, deliciously made with your favorite gluten-free bread! We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with The Plant Café Organic and bake our tasty loaves for all their gluten-free sandwiches! Woohoo! 🍞😮

But that’s not all that makes the folks at The Plant awesome — they serve exclusively 100% organic ingredients, sourcing all their food as locally, sustainably, and ethically as possible! They’ve been awarded the highest environmental awards and certification in the Bay Area by The Nature Conservancy and Eat Real, so you know you’re directly supporting the best food practices out there! → You should check out all their great food-sourcing partners here, too.
We know you demand high quality in nutrition, but also in responsibly sourced ingredients — and you’re in luck! All the food you enjoy at The Plant is of the lowest carbon footprint available — certain to be free of GMOs, synthetic chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics; so you can know the food you enjoy is the best available!
The best part? You can go eat these 100% Organic sandwiches right now! OH, YEAH. 🙌

We’re incredibly proud to partner with The Plant’s awesome sandwich makers, and support their passion to make the highest quality Organic food for you to enjoy!
You should go check out everything about The Plant Café Organic, particularly their amazing menu! The Plant has four locations in San Francisco, so please make sure to go support them and us and your love for tasty sandwiches! We’re betting you won’t be disappointed with your tasty lunch…. Happy eating! 😋

Want our delicious GF bread in your favorite local cafés or restaurants? Please tell the folks there about Happy Campers, and then let us know so we can reach out to them, too! 😃

ANNOUNCING: Happy Campers Gluten-Free Bread is Certified Organic!

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Hey, Happy Campers!
It’s here, it’s here! FINALLY. 🙌
We’re overjoyed to announce that your favorite bread is now officially USDA Certified Organic! Yes, that’s right! 100% of our tasty loaf flavors are…
✔️ Gluten-free
✔️ Vegan
✔️ Allergy-friendly
✔️ Nutritious
✔️ Delicious
✔️ And now, Certified Organic, too! 🌱
Okay, okay, it’s no secret that we absolutely love baking the healthiest, tastiest GF goodness we can for all of you. But this has been a looong time coming. Ever since we started
baking our breads and buns, we’ve been committed to continually improving them with even better n
utrition, amazing texture, and always scrumptious flavors. As you probably already know, we’ve always used mostly organic ingredients in all our our yummy breads. Of course, an awesome variety of healthful nutrients is great, but a consistent quality of nutrition is even better.
So, why has it taken so long to get Organic certification?
Getting organic certification with our allergy-friendly standards is quite a crazy process, but we think it’s worth it! We always try our absolute hardest to source the best ingredients we can for you. We know you want and deserve the most delicious nutrition in the cleanest, quality ingredients possible!
So, we began our research…. It’s been astounding to discover all sorts of things about the ingredient supply Industry! Before, we weren’t able to use a few organic GF ingredients because they…didn’t really exist!
Wait, what? 🤔
Turns out, reliably finding some Certified Organic AND Certified GF ingredients is pretty tough! They just weren’t produced anywhere with both certifications. But we continued looking — and it finally happened! As our global community continues to support Organic (and gluten-free), more and more farmers are making the switch, and we were there to buy their crops to make it into delicious bread!

Just about now, all the Happy Campers bread you’re seeing on your store shelves or in your order boxes are Certified Organic, woohoo!
Certified Organic is a huge deal to us! It’s not just a pretty little logo — here’s what it really means:

organic logo preliminaryAll Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize conserving soil and water, and using renewable resources to enhance environmental quality in a responsible and sustainable way [1]. This means absolutely NO fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients, NO sewage sludge, NO bioengineering, NO ionizing radiation. Nope, nope, nope. None of that.
Okay, now, with that in mind: all the nutrients in the ingredients we eat come from the earth in which they’re grown. Healthy, organic, richer soil means happier crops! Happier crops, of course, means better food, and better food…well, you get the picture. 😉
But the importance of Certified Organic doesn’t just stop there. Any companies that handle or process our organic ingredients must also be certified. Not only are our breads Certified Organic, but our dedicated GF facility is, too! This means our entire bakery and any party who handles our ingredients throughout our supply chain must meet these same standards.
You care about quality nourishment, and we bake to support you!

We want our bread to help you feel great: not just because you’re enjoying tasty toast, but also because you know you’re supporting a healthy and sustainable way for good food to be produced.
Whenever you grab 
an organic loaf of Happy
Campers, you can be sure that it’s full of only the good stuff, baked in a tremendously allergy-friendly environment. We hope every delicious, wholesome bite you take of our bread reflects that!
Please know we care deeply about this — but most importantly — we know you do, too. 🙂
We’re so delighted to offer you even cleaner bread than ever, and officially be a part of the Organic movement! No synthetic pesticides means cleaner water, happier soil, happier bugs and worms — and in the end, happier planet and happy campers! Ah! We love when there are so many reasons to jump for joy!
Oh! — we hear the ovens beeping — several batches of organic loaves must be done…back into the bakery we go!
We can’t wait to tell you about everything else we’ve been working so hard on recently — but more great news soon! Until then, give someone a good hug, make a scrumptious sandwich with your favorite Happy Campers loaf, and enjoy all the good things you possibly can. 😋 🍞

ANNOUNCING: Happy Campers Gluten Free Bread Is in South California and Arizona!

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Six years ago, when we were baking only a few loaves a week in our tiny home kitchen, we never could have imagined this. 🙂
In the beginning, we set out simply to bake the best GF, allergy-friendly breads we could. Super-nutritious. Unconditionally delicious. Last fall, we were thrilled to bring our tasty breads and buns to Seattle. Earlier this year, we made our most ambitious expansion yet into northern California. So many of you requested us in your favorite grocery stores, and we were more than happy to oblige! We’ve been blown away by your amazing appetites and support, and our ovens have been happily working overtime.
But those of you in southern California, thought, “Yeah, yeah…San Fran and the Bay Area are great and stuff, but what about us in L.A.? In San Diego?” Well, we’ve been listening and hard at work getting our deliciously nutritious breads where you are!
Today, friends, is that glorious day. 🙌
YES. FINALLY. Your favorite Happy Campers Gluten Free bread is now available in SoCal! Like, it’s waiting on shelves for you to go pick up and devour! That’s right — tell every one of your GF Los Angeles friends that they can now enjoy our organic, vegan, and insanely tasty breads right where they are! Sandwiches in Santa Barbara! Crostini in Carlsbad! Toast in Temecula! You get the idea. Many additional SoCal stores are also coming soon (San Diego, you’re in the next couple weeks), so stay posted!
And it’s all because… You. Love. Good. Food. We’re overjoyed to see your passion for fueling life with only the best goodness is the same as ours. Our high-quality loaves are packed with everything you want in a gluten-free bread: Healthful ingredient variety! Awesome nutrition! Mouthwatering flavors! We bake each delicious loaf with organic, 100% non-GMO ingredients, so you can be sure you’re nourishing your body with wholesome goodness!
But as awesome as SoCal is, we couldn’t just stop there…. We’re also now in Arizona! 😃 YEP. Arizona, too. Because you asked for it. Phoenix! Scottsdale! Tuscon! Prescott! Gilbert! We heard you loud and clear
And if you’re not in California or Arizona, feeling left out and hankering for our particularly tasty GF bread, don’t worry! You can be sure we’re working hard to get our yummy loaves to where you are. (We’re coming for you! Please keep bringing those product request forms to your stores! It’s by far the most effective way. 😀 )
Now, we know how hungry you can get, so please go pick up a couple yummy loaves in these new stores to let them know you’re serious about enjoying our bread! 🍞🍞🍞
Erewhon: Calabasas
Calabasas, CA
Erewhon: Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Erewhon: Venice
Venice, CA
Frazier Farms: Oceanside
Oceanside, CA
Frazier Farms: Vista
Vista, CA
Isla Vista Food Co-op
Isla Vista, CA
Lassens: Los Feliz
Los Angeles, CA
Lassens: LaBrea
Los Angeles, CA
Lassens: Echo Park
Los Angeles, CA
Ocean Beach People’s Co-op
San Diego, CA
Organic Roots
Temecula, CA
Eagle Rock, CA
Rainbow Acres
Los Angeles, CA
The Whole Wheatery
Lancaster, CA
Natural Grocers: Gilbert
Gilbert, AZ
Natural Grocers: Prescott
Prescott, AZ
Natural Grocers: Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ
Natural Grocers: Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ
Natural Grocers: Tucson Oracle
Tucson, AZ
Natural Grocers: Tucson River
Tucson, AZ

Homegrown with Happy Campers

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Hey, Happy Campers! We’ve got some exciting news! 😃
You know how we’re super-passionate about bringing you the truly tastiest, healthiest, GF bread we can? Of course you do. Well, we’re delighted to share that we’ve made an awesome new friend who feels exactly the same way about what they do! Meet Homegrown Sustainable Sandwiches. Just like we’re committed to bringing you the best GF bread out there, they’re incredibly passionate about making the best possible sandwiches out there! And wow, do they do wonders. Delicious, delicious wonders.
Okay, so, now we want you to close your eyes — unless you’re driving or juggling flaming objects, at which point we’re just impressed you’re also reading this — and try to imagine the best possible sandwich you can. Just try it…the best sandwich. Flavorful? Yes. Drool-worthily delicious? Absolutely. The perfect proportion of textures? Exactly. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients available? Only always. Made from locally and sustainably sourced foods? Of course. Insanely creative ingredient combinations that will tickle your tastebuds and blow your mind? Uh, yeah! You get what we’re saying here, right? Homegrown actually makes these sandwiches! Like, ones that you can go eat right now! It’s basically scrumptious sandwich environmentalism. They are seriously the best in every measurable way we care about.
We immediately thought it was loaf at first sight a perfect partnership, so we decided to start baking special loaves for them to make their awesome sandwiches with your favorite GF option. OH, YEAH. 🙌

Mouthwatering images courtesy of Homegrown

Mouthwatering images courtesy of Homegrown

We and the amazing folks at Homegrown had the wonderful pleasure of visiting each other’s awesome food factories recently. We were so impressed with the care and passion that these folks put into the amazing food they make! (And did we mention that their sandwiches are delicious?) We really couldn’t be more excited to partner with them and support their passion to make amazing food for you to enjoy!
You should check out everything about Homegrown on their site, particularly their amazing menu (but be prepared to drool)! Homegrown has many locations in Seattle and several new ones in San Francisco, so make sure to go support them and us and your love for tasty sandwiches! We’re willing to bet you won’t be disappointed…. Happy eating! 🍞😋

Store Update: Happy Campers is in 31 new locations!

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more stores after norcal
Hey, Happy Campers!
As so many of you know, we finally were able to bring our deliciously nutritious breads and buns to lots of NorCal stores just a few months ago — and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be baking lots of goodness for all you awesome hungry happy campers there! We’re beyond excited to see so many people wanting to nourish themselves with the highest quality of tasty, nutrition-packed food. Our ovens are happy, and so are we! 😃
But here’s the thing. We haven’t stopped our quest to bring you our yummy breads and buns, or even slowed down! We’ve been busily baking away, working on making even more delicious loaves for you, but also fulfilling many of your awesome store requests! → You can now find our breads in 31 more stores across Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and California!
Seriously, though — filling out our official product request form and submitting it to your favorite food stores in your area is by far the best way to get Happy Campers where you are! It gets us excited to bake for you, and directly lets the stores know that you want our bread! (They always listen to their customers!)
So, please continue to spread the good word about us and our breads, because it absolutely works! Help share our passion for wellness and good food, and tell all your friends about us and why Happy Campers is one of your favorite scrumptious snacks.
Speaking of scrumptious snacks…here’s that awesome list of all the new stores where you can pick up a delicious loaf of Happy Campers. Eat up! 😋
Third Street Market
Whitefish, MT
Wildberries Marketplace
Arcata, CA
Tacoma Boys – Tacoma Store
Tacoma, WA
Tacoma Boys at South Hill – Puyallup Store
Puyallup, WA
H&L Produce – Lakewood Store
Lakewood, WA
Settler’s Country Market
Ephrata, WA
Chimacum Corner Farmstand
Chimacum, WA
Southend General Store & Restaurant
Lopez Island, WA
2J’s Fresh Market
Great Falls, MT
Good Food Store
Missoula, MT
Natural Grocers Billings
Billings, MT
Natural Grocers Kalispell
Kalispell, MT
Nature’s Pantry Natural Foods
La Grande, OR
Nugget Markets: Corte Madera
Corte Madera, CA
Nugget Markets: Davis, Covell
Davis, CA
Nugget Markets: Davis, Mace
Davis, CA
Nugget Markets: El Dorado Hills
El Dorado Hills, CA
Nugget Markets: Elk Grove
Elk Grove, CA
Nugget Markets: Novato
Novato, CA
Nugget Markets: Roseville
Roseville, CA
Nugget Markets: Sacramento, Florin
Sacramento, CA
Nugget Markets: Tiburon
Tiburon, CA
Nugget Markets: Vacaville
Vacaville, CA
Nugget Markets: West Sacramento
Sacramento, CA
Nugget Markets: Woodland
Woodland, CA
San Juan Co-Op
Friday Harbor, WA
Moscow Co-Op
Moscow, ID
Medford Co-Op
Medford, OR
Boise Co-Op North End
Boise, ID
Boise Co-Op Meridian
Meridian, ID
Pilgrim’s Market
Coeur d’Alene, ID

Online Orders Are Back!

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Happy Campers Gluten Free bread
Yes! FINALLY! Our online orders! They have returned! 😃👏
But before you join the mad dash to go place your long-deserved orders for our deliciously nutritious breads and buns, please make sure to read these few important updates below! ↓
→ We now ship out orders every day in the workweek!

Yep, now you don’t have to wait an entire week for us to send you your box of nutritious deliciousness! Hooray! We’re baking in large enough volumes now that we can ship to you more frequently. Depending on where you live, you will receive your bread in 1-3 business days. The deadline to order is noon (Pacific) for shipment the following business day, so if we receive your order after this deadline, then we usually have to wait until another business day to ship. (Please take this into account regarding the weekend!)

→ Say goodbye to multiples of five!

We used to ship many of our orders via USPS, which provided a particularly significant benefit to using boxes whose capacity was five loaves. They didn’t work for us for a number of reasons in the end, so we decided to shift completely to the more reliable UPS and FedEx. But, you know, if you’re just that hungry….

→ You can now order entire cases of our breads or buns!

If you want to order 6 loaves of the same flavor, you can now order a wholesale case! Om nom nom. This is the best option if you have a particularly impressive appetite, need to stock up for a tasty expedition, or if you’re simply nice enough to share. Our wholesale cases include a discount from the retail price of individual loaves. This is how we ship our products to all our stores, so it makes us happy to also send you wholesale cases — they’re all ready to go!

→ Shipping costs are a little different than you might be used to.

Because we have shifted completely to UPS and FedEx, and are now using more consistent and reliable packing materials for you, we’ve slightly shifted around our shipping price tiers. They’re still great, especially if you’re hungry! The best part, of course — if you order at least 10 loaves at a time, we’ll gladly pay for your postage — your order ships completely FREE!

→ We ship directly to 50 48 states.

We’re unfortunately not shipping to Hawaii or Alaska anymore, just the contiguous 48 states. We know; we’re sorry, Hawaii and Alaska residents! ☹ Our shipping system is now based solely on UPS and FedEx, and we just couldn’t figure in a way to make the Air shipping costs worth the inclusion. We are continuing to explore all options, however, and are doing our best to get our tasty breads and buns where you are! (You can definitely help us both by submitting our official product request form at your local health food stores.)

Okay, that’s it for now! We don’t want to keep you here any longer than you need to be, so head over to our online store and order away! We’re excited to finally get you our yummy breads again! Our ovens are ready…. 🍞

Get Free Samples of Happy Campers! (NorCal Demo Schedule)

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Happy Campers Gluten Free bread (Bay Area)
Jan has embarked on his road trip to the Bay Area to demo our tasty gluten-free breads for you! Make sure to check out his demo schedule below to see where and when he’ll be slicing up some delicious (and free!) samples of our yummy loaves! Please tell your friends and come to your local store to say hi! 🙂
2/19 (Friday)
🍞 → Whole Foods Sacramento at 3-6pm
2/20 (Saturday)
🍞 → Rainbow Grocery at 10am-1pm
🍞 → Bi-Rite Market (Divisadero) at 1:30-4:30pm
2/21 (Sunday)
🍞 → Natural Grocery (El Cerrito) at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Natural Grocery (Berkeley) at 3-6pm
2/22 (Monday)
🍞 → Bi-Rite Market (Divisadero) at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Rainbow Grocery at 4-7pm
2/23 (Tuesday)
🍞 → Natural Grocery (El Cerrito) at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Natural Grocery (Berkeley) at 3-6pm
2/28 (Sunday)
🍞 → Whole Foods Alameda at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Whole Foods Redwood at 3:30-6:30pm
2/29 (Monday)
🍞 → Whole Foods Lafayette at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Whole Foods Walnut Creek at 3-6pm
3/1 (Tuesday)
🍞 → Whole Foods Ocean at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Whole Foods 2001 Market Street at 3-6pm
3/2 (Wednesday)
🍞 → Whole Foods Petaluma at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Whole Foods Sebastopol at 3-6pm
3/4 (Friday)
🍞 → Whole Foods Napa at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Whole Foods Sonoma at 3-6pm
3/5 (Saturday)
🍞 → Whole Foods Coddingtown at 11am-2pm
🍞 → Whole Foods Santa Rosa at 3-6pm

ANNOUNCING: Happy Campers Gluten Free Bread Is in North California!

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Today’s the day, today’s the day! We are overjoyed to announce the most exciting news we’ve ever had….
We are FINALLY in all 43 Whole Foods stores in North California! Yes, that’s right. 43! Yaaay, NorCal! (More smaller stores are soon to come, of course, but we wanted cover the big ones for you first!) You can check out our awesome store-finder based on your location to see where our super-nutritious, unconditionally delicious breads are closest to you!
We’re so stoked! Like, totally psyched! And we’re also just plain excited, because YAY, NorCal! (Okay, okay, we know not all of you talk so, um, radically, but we’re just a bit giddy with glee right now.) We couldn’t be happier to finally be able to bring you our breads for you to enjoy! 😀
norcal announcement
Our high-quality loaves are packed with everything you want in a gluten-free bread: Healthful ingredient variety? Check! Awesome nutrition? Check! Mouthwatering flavors? Check! We bake each delicious loaf with organic, 100% non-GMO ingredients, so you can be sure you’re nourishing your body with wholesome goodness! In addition, we craft them to be completely free of all common allergens: absolutely no soy, no corn, no rice, no dairy, no eggs, no nuts, no potato…. And best of all — we stay true to our promise of quality: no loads of junk or filler ingredients. Really, just the good stuff!
As most of you know now, we have begun to hit our stride in our wonderful new bakery, where we’ve been happily baking amongst the scent of thousands of fresh loaves rising, and oven timers chiming. It’s only been a few months since we began baking our breads for many different Seattle stores, and the response there has been spectacular!
Now, we thought Seattle’s appetite for our bread was impressive, but, like, whoa. All of you around the Bay Area are seriously jonesing for the good stuff! Fun Fact → Of all the places in the whole country, ever, you have proven to be the consistently hungriest for our yummy breads! So, here we are, beyond delighted to finally get plenty of it down to you!
And if you’re not in the NorCal region, feeling left out and with a hunger for a particularly tasty gluten-free bread, don’t worry! You can be sure we’re working hard to get our yummy loaves to where you are. (Yes, SoCal, you’re next, so please keep bringing those product request forms to your stores! 😀 )
As always, we will cheerfully strive to bake the most nutritious, delicious gluten-free loaves that we possibly can. It’s our passion to help make it easier for everyone eat well and live well — to end the quest for truly good gluten-free bread once and for all!
We have absolutely loved every step of this thrilling journey so far, and yet our excitement makes us feel like we’re just getting started…. This is the first of many awesome announcements for us this year, so make sure to stay posted!
But first, if you don’t mind, we have a favor to ask of you:
Please spread the word about us, and tell all your NorCal friends about us, too! The more we can impress the stores in these first couple weeks, the better it will be for everyone — let the stores know you love our bread! We’re calling on you to storm the gates! (And by ‘storm the gates’, we mean ‘get your tasty Happy Campers fix from your nearest Whole Foods’. 😛 )
Okay — that’s all for now! We don’t want you to be here for too long; we want you to get outside and enjoy your lovely day! But definitely give an extra hug to your friends and family. Listen to a song that makes you dance with wild abandon. And, of course, remember to go to your nearest Whole Foods and stock up on all the fixings for a scrumptious sandwich!
Happy eating! 😀

Online Orders Update: Bread, Where Are You?

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online orders 2016
Hello, Happy Campers!
Ever since we moved into our new bakery, we know you’ve been waiting so very patiently for us to resume our online orders of your favorite bread. Perhaps you’ve been by your toasters, imagining the mouthwatering smell of freshly toasted Happy Campers bread waft around your kitchen…. Some of you got out your almond butter and honey and cinnamon, which awaited a delicious slice of support. Some of you, an avocado and a bit of sharp cheddar. Or plenty of tremendously tasty sandwich fixings. But they all got a little lonely. They missed their favorite team member to bring them all together in scrumptious harmony.
So, where’s our bread?
Well. We had originally planned to get our online orders back up and running as soon as 2016 rolled around…. A few things got delayed, but then we were definitely on track for the end of January! But…argh, the end of January is already here. And we’ll be honest — we are terribly sorry to still be out of stock! You’ve been so amazing to wait as long as you have, and we appreciate it tremendously. But, in light of one last delay, we feel like we owe you several explanatory details as to why you’ve had to wait so long to enjoy more of your delicious loaves of Happy Campers….
In our new bakery, we have been navigating the production transition as quickly yet thoroughly as possible. Along with baking thousands more loaves than we ever have before, we’ve been incredibly focused, calibrating our many ovens, tweaking our baking sensors, freezing and thawing and testing slices for texture, making sure we can continue to bring the bread you know and love to even more people. We do know that a few problematic loaves have slipped by us, but we’ve been learning increasingly with each production run, and frequently working around the clock to make huge improvements! We have been dialing in all our equipment on the largest scales — because we really want to get it right for you.
And, of course, we wouldn’t be the happy campers we are if we weren’t on some adventure of ambition — we’ve also been working the hardest we’ve ever worked on anything so far, and it’s finally going to happen soon! (Hint: something huge that rhymes with ‘Shmalifornia’). All we’ll say right now is that a giant announcement is coming…. So exciting! 😉
But seriously — you must be amazing at spreading the word about us and our mission to make the healthiest, tastiest gluten-free breads, because…wow. It seems submitting our product request form to all your favorite stores really does work! You’re the best. Keep it up, and please tell all your GF friends about us; we want to bake them our yummy loaves, too! 😀 In the past few months, we have gotten lots of our delicious breads to many hungry happy campers in plenty new places and stores, hooray! But, it turns out, we need to bake even more, because we barely have any loaves left for our online orderers! An amazing problem for us to have, but a problem nonetheless. So….
Along with the needs of a bigger bakery (producing many loaves) is a bigger storage facility for our breads — from which our online orders will ship. Setting it up promptly with everyone involved has proven difficult. This is actually the only remaining cause of delay until we’re able to reactivate the online orders, so we will strive to make this happen pronto! All we want to do is bake the truly best gluten-free breads we can for you!
Now, to answer the specific question that’s probably on your mind: We’re on track to be fulfilling our online orders again in the second half of February — which realistically seems like the timeline for us, now. We’re pretty bummed we’ve had to keep shifting our dates. We don’t like that you’ve had to wait so long. We’d love to be able to send you some of our yummy bread weeks ago, but we want to make sure everything goes as perfectly and smoothly as possible before starting all the orders up again. We promise it will be worth it in the long run!
Again — we can’t thank you enough for your patience! Your appetites for our deliciously nutritious bread always impress us, and we’ve never been more excited to bake you our loaves! Things are about to get huge for us (and you!) this year, so we’re buckling up and getting ready for a roller coaster ride. A tasty, tasty ride. Are you ready? Have your scrumptious sandwich fixings on hand…. 😉

ANNOUNCING: Happy Campers Gluten Free Bread Is in Seattle!

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Hi, Seattle Happy Campers! We have some really, really great news for you…. 😀
You might have heard from a little birdie, but we’re so excited to say that it’s finally official: Thanks to you, Happy Campers Gluten Free bread is now officially in Seattle, and we couldn’t be more excited!
Happy Campers Gluten Free bread in Seattle
Yes, that’s right! You can now find and pick up our nutritiously delicious loaves in all the Seattle Whole Foods, PCCs, several co-ops, and more! Woohoo! Check out our awesome store-finder based on your location to see where we are closest to you!
We’re incredibly proud to bring our gluten-free bread to so many of you who demand the best. Our loaves have everything you want in a gluten-free bread: healthful ingredient variety, truly awesome nutrition, and mouthwatering flavors! Each delicious loaf is baked with organic, 100% non-GMO ingredients, so you can be sure you’re fueling your body with wholesome goodness! In addition, they are free of all common allergens: no soy, no corn, no rice, no dairy, no eggs, no nuts, no potato…. Best of all — we stay true to our promise of quality: no loads of junk or filler ingredients! Just the good stuff.
After all your amazing store requests for so many months, Seattle has now become our first major expansion outside Portland…(so far 😉 )! It’s surreal and crazy and amazing, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re absolutely thrilled to see that so many more people are hungry for truly healthful, nutritious, gluten-free bread!
We have watched with excitement, anticipation, and elation as our little dream of baking truly healthful and flavorful gluten-free bread for many has so wonderfully grown into reality! It’s astounding to us how far we have come: from making a few small batches of our loaves in our home kitchen, then our very own small bakery, and now in our new space big enough to bake to hopefully keep up with all of your impressive appetites! But through all these exciting changes, one thing has remained exactly the same: we absolutely love doing what we do, and we can’t wait to do even more of it even better! Seattle, of course, is just the beginning….
We have certainly said it before, and we’ll happily say it again:
We want to bake all the most nutritious, greatest-tasting loaves for you and your friends and your friends’ friends. It’s our mission to help everyone eat well and live well — to end the quest for truly good gluten-free bread once and for all!
Now grab a tasty loaf or two, and let’s go to a Seattle park…. It’s time for a scrumptious picnic. 🙂

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